Our 4 key guaranties
1. Legal guarantees
To fix the terms and conditions of the work, we can conclude a contract with you in which the obligations and rights of the parties are described in detail.
In the photo - standard contract.
Заключаем договор
2. Original text guarantee
Together with the work, we are attaching a screen for checking for Anti-Plagiarism. This ensures that the work is original and passes any checks.
Гарантия оригинального текста
3. Free edits
If you or the scientist have comments on the work, we will make them in full within 5 days for free. Main condition: the work plan should not change. In the photo - an example of edits in Word.
Бесплатные доработки
4. Uniform payment guarantee
Payment is divided into 3 parts, including 30% pre-payment. Therefore, the risks are minimal for you and for us.

Below - the standard payment scheme for assistance in the master's degree.
Оплата почастична
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