Help in writing of academic works
Cource works, projects, dissertations and other
Duration from 1 day
We start working on the day of contact
Price from 400600* rubles
For 1 page of work with all edits
*season peak price (april-june)
Quality guaranties
Authors from the best universities in Moscow
Bring a friend and get 10% discount!
We help with
Payment is divided into 3 parts. We make all the changes, make a smart presentation and speech for successful defence.
Course work
Payment is divided into 2 parts. We carry out theoretical and practical analysis. We work with SPSS, Stata, EViews, etc.
Other work
Essays, articles, essays, practice reports, reviews, references, presentations, speech preparation, etc.
Why should you use our services?
1. Guaranteed high quality help

Our team consists only of graduates of the best universities in Moscow

2. Transparent payment scheme
You make an order on the site, make an advance payment and we begin to work. Payment is divided into 3 parts, including 30% pre-payment. Therefore, the risks are minimal for you and for us.

In the photo - a standard payment scheme for the master's degree.

3. We don't break deadlines
We negotiate deadlines and deadlines for delivery in advance. In order not to disrupt the deadlines, our coordinators constantly remind the authors of their coming work. In addition, the delivery of work is divided into 3 parts, more details here.

In the photo - a table, which is maintained by our managers, so as not to break the deadlines.

4.We listen to the requirements
If you need to change something in the work, then we really make edits .

In the photo - our edits. Green - what added. Yellow - what corrected.

5. High quality research
We conduct research for which we are not ashamed: they are logical, meaningful and appropriate. Originality standard - from 85% . Here are examples of our work:
Independent reviews
Feedback from our customers from independent sources
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