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Here is how a good graduation thesis looks like
Below is an example of a standard thesis, but we work with any structure:
  • Introduction

    Here, the object and subject of research is indicated, relevance, scientific novelty, research methodology, etc. are justified.

  • Chapter 1

    Theory and research methodology. Here concepts are systematized, hypotheses are built, basic definitions are given, etc.

  • Chapter 2

    Analysis of the industry, company or other object. Here, raw data is collected and analyzed. Hypotheses are tested, conclusions are drawn. Analysis methods are used: from SWOT analysis to econometrics.

  • Chapter 3

    Prospects and directions for improving the facility. Strategies are formed, recommendations are made, measures are proposed. Results are evaluated.

  • Conclusion and references

    The results are summarized, results are generalized, conclusions are drawn. Mandatory - an up-to-date list of references.

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